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Dr. Denise Gretchen-Doorly’s private practice in Los Angeles, CA focuses on helping individuals cope with the psychological issues that arise when diagnosed with a medical illness. She treats people living with any type of medical illness, and has specialized knowledge of urology, chronic pain, and endocrine (hormonal) disorders such as diabetes, infertility, and thyroid dysfunction. She also provides psychotherapy to adults with career concerns, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem/self-confidence, relationships issues, and life transitions.

Dr. Gretchen-Doorly spent over 10 years at UCLA researching the physical effects of severe mental illness. Frustrated by the lack of attention paid to health and wellness for the severely mentally ill, she developed several healthy lifestyle interventions to improve patients’ quality of life. These interventions stemmed from her holistic view of health and incorporated physical exercise, nutrition education, and stress management techniques. Her programs represented real innovation in the treatment of severe mental illness and resulted in three highly-competitive major awards from the National Institutes of Health: the Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award, a postdoctoral fellowship in UCLA’s Department of Psychology, and separate grant funding at the Investigator level to explore the effects of her interventions. Results from her research are published in top professional journals and have been presented at many national and international conferences.

Dr. Gretchen-Doorly’s straightforward, evidence-based approach to psychotherapy is designed to help people confront the common barriers that discourage successful disease self-management. She believes it is important for all people to “find wellness in the midst of illness.” She helps people minimize the negative impact of their disease, get the most from their medical treatment, and manage potential disruptions to their personal and professional lives. Patients work to understand the feelings they have about their illness and change any maladaptive behavior patterns that can disrupt recovery. She teaches people how to take a proactive approach to their health by helping them set realistic goals, anticipate future roadblocks to success, and communicate more effectively.

Dr. Gretchen-Doorly’s graduate studies were completed at Columbia University and Fordham University in New York City. She received intensive clinical training from two of the nation’s best hospitals: Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Unlike psychologists who focus on either research or clinical practice, Dr. Gretchen-Doorly excels in both domains. This strong combination is what sets her apart from other mental health practitioners. She uses an integrated approach to practice and science, adopting a research-based approach to practice, and a practice-based approach to research, with each complementing the other. She frequently integrates scientific findings to help her patients make informed healthcare decisions. She also maintains effective cross-disciplinary relationships with professionals in other fields, especially medical doctors.

Dr. Gretchen-Doorly realizes you have a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing a mental health practitioner. She encourages you to become an educated consumer and provides useful information to help make your decision on this website. If you want to work with a professional who embodies the highest standards in psychology by integrating the best research evidence with top-notch clinical expertise and a focus on patient wellness, then Dr. Gretchen-Doorly is the right therapist for you.

Dr. Denise Gretchen-Doorly


Post-Doctoral Fellowship (2007-2010), National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH), UCLA Department of Psychology

Ph.D. (2005) Fordham University, Counseling Psychology (APA-Accredited)

Internship (2003) University of California San Diego, Psychological and Counseling Services (APA-Accredited)

M.Ed. (1997) Columbia University, Counseling Psychology

M.A. (1996) Columbia University, Organizational Psychology

B.A. (1994) University of Delaware, cum laude, Interpersonal & Organizational Communication

Portrait photo by Brant Brogan.

Professional Memberships

American Diabetes Association
American Psychological Association
Los Angeles County Psychological Association
National Register of Health Service Psychologists

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